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How I Became a Prominent Denver Based Life Coach

From the age of 16 my obsession in my life was to become successful. Unfortunately, I worked EXTREMELY long hours at jobs that made me sick to my stomach and hopped from job to job thinking I would find happiness in more MONEY. I lost relationships due to my obsession, lost nice cars, nice places, successful business ventures and eventually became completely miserable with -$60.00 in my bank account. I had no true relationships with anyone, lost my health due to depression, started engaging with the wrongs crowds, lost my drive, picked up bad habits and eventually accepted I was destined to be miserable the rest of my life.

However, all of my life I always felt like there was something in me that wasn’t quite the same as the rest of the crowd. Like something huge was silently waiting inside ready to get out. Something that was going to leave a mark on the world, a true purpose, something of value that would make a difference in other people’s lives. I struggled and worked so hard thinking this was the what to reach success, or what I thought success meant. It always eventually led me right back to where I was before or even worse off.

I couldn’t take this happening to me again. I was tired of feeling depressed, like I wasn’t enough, like I had lived my entire life to always end up at nothing. One day I decided the pain was too great and I was going to do something about it so that it never happened again. This is usually known as a “Paradigm Shift”. I finally picked up my 1 st Self-Growth book and started a fast journey in the right direction.

Reevaluating What Success Is

I learned that my habits, processes and beliefs about success/fulfillment were all wrong. I was always focused on providing more money and value to myself. I was never learning more to become more valuable and contribute to others. This was a major turning point in my life.

I decided I would sell almost all of the material possessions I had attachment to, committed a full 30 days to no social media, no TV, going out, I committed to total health, nutritional living, learning more about how to increase my value to others, and removed anything that would distract me from taking the actions necessary to change my life. All I had then were some books, a laptop and some clothes.

Within those 30 days, I got more accomplished than I ever did in 6 months. I read 7 self-growth and psychology books, started volunteer consulting small businesses, finally found my true calling in life as Personal Development/Success/Life Coach, my mental sharpness was fast, focused and on point, my energy levels were that of a 5 year old that just raided a candy store and my body/health had dramatically improved. I was also able to build some true friendships with people who cared about me and I cared about them.

I never looked back at society’s norm of what life is supposed to look like. I realized that it’s actually pretty easy when you change your perspective and work towards a higher purpose. The old habits, limiting patterns and beliefs were all a joke at this point. I couldn’t believe I followed these my entire life. I had completely reprogrammed myself and extracted the old patterns.

I have now dedicated my life’s work to studying, educating myself and practicing the actions, proven processes, rituals and patterns that provide a structured WAY OUT of an “average lifestyle” and a WAY INTO the life people have always envisioned.

I have now trained under the Robbins-Madanes Institute, studied Human Needs Psychology, Strategic Change Therapy, Organizational Psychology, Neurolinguistics, Ericksonian Therapy, Market Trade Economics, The Psychology of Influence and extensive studies of Subconscious Programming. Through these strengths, I’m able to share this invaluable knowledge with you to help you reach your visions and fulfillment.

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What Makes Me Unique?

  • I help remove limiting patterns, not just teach you new ones.
  • Teach you to make Success driven decisions.
  • Challenge you to achieve more than you thought possible.
  • Help hold you accountable to taking the right actions.
  • I tell you what you need to hear to get there.