Business Coaching. The New Ensurance Policy

Do you own a business but it’s not producing the kind of results you’re looking for? Maybe you have an idea for a business but have no clue where to start. While both of these scenarios are indeed frustrating and can push you toward the thought of giving up, there is a way to make sure you succeed!

Now days, more and more businesses are hiring a Business Coach. They’re starting to catch onto the fact that they don’t have to feel their way through the dark anymore. Businesses in all shapes and sizes have caught onto the fact that there is a way to get support and almost guarantee the success of their business.

What Does a Business Coach Do Exactly?

There are a number of things a Business Coach helps with. It all depends on the areas of need. In business you have many different pillars that need to be tended to. If each of those pillars aren’t taken care of, it starts to fail. Among those pillars you have:

  1. Marketing and Advertising
  2. Sales
  3. Customer Service
  4. Accounting
  5. Human Resources
  6. Management
  7. Training
  8. Systems
  9. Professional Development
  10. Networking
  11. Culture
  12. Technology
  13. Innovation/Creation

While not all of these pillars apply to every business, these are your 13 most important areas to master. Now from a Business Coaching perspective, I don’t recommend trying to master all of these at once. The key is to Master the one that is most important at that time and do your very best, with the knowledge you have now, for the others.

So Where is it That People Mess Up The Most When Running a Business?

It’s typically 5 things:

  1. Underestimating the amount of effort needed to create the results you’re looking for.
  2. Not properly pre-evaluating demand in the market for your product or service.
  3. Not properly targeting your niche market with your marketing/advertising efforts.
  4. No real differentiation in the market with your value proposition.
  5. Lack of understanding in how a successful business model is achieved.

Now most people think failure in business is a number of other things besides these and it can be sometimes but these are the main ones. These days it’s actually very easy to start a business for very little so capital isn’t necessarily the issue as much anymore. Now we have crowdfunding, angel investing and so much more that makes access to capital so easy, if you even need it.

I personally have started all of my businesses from scratch with very little or nothing. Then I just invested my time, effort and knowledge into the rest to get the results I needed. One thing should be noted though, I am dead committed when I start something and there is no half-assing for me. Do I still have a life? Yes, by all means but the key is staying laser focused on the areas of need and working as efficiently as possible.

I still have time to read, work out, spend time with loved ones and enjoy life but it’s to the degree that I’d like it to be. As of right now, it’s a Saturday and I’m sitting here writing this because I enjoy it. It isn’t work to me, it’s therapy and serving other people with valuable information to help them live a better life and achieve their visions of success in business.

This is very possible to do but most people hear stories about how if you start a business, it eats up your entire life or you start a business and you fail so people never take action. They see the comfortable life of working 40 hours a week and having weekends off is the easier path and they’re right to a certain degree. However, what most don’t factor in is the redundancy of doing the same tasks day in and day out. They miss the freedom of being able to take off whenever they want, as long as everything is done. The ability to make as much or as little as you would like and not having someone else constantly telling you what and how something needs to be done. There is no price you can put on controlling your own income and life. That's what owning a business has done for so many people for centuries.

The thing is, if you set your business up correctly, you do indeed put forth lots of effort in the beginning but after that initial sacrifice, you’re able to have things run automatically or hire other people to do some of the jobs you need done. Then guess what? You get to work less hours and make more income than you ever imagined which ultimately allows you more freedom and time to experience life in its greatness. The longer it takes you to get that formula right though, the longer you will need to invest some massive action into lots of trial and error. That method is not time efficient, it's frustrating, it's a quick way to lose lots of money and will cause most people to quit out of frustration.

So How Does a Business Coach Ensure That You Do Well?

Well, they should have a successful background in owning businesses themselves, are highly educated in the area of business and indulge in ongoing education to stay up with the times. If they have, then they’ve most likely already made the mistakes that you’ll most likely make so they can prevent you from making them and costing you tons of money or time. They have the knowledge, that can be passed on to you, that is necessary to make your business life so much easier. They’ll have an incredible skillset to be able to pinpoint exactly where your areas of weakness are. On top of that, they’ll be able to help you find your strengths and focus on those to help your business grow faster.

The key is getting to profitability as quickly as possible with a system that’s scalable. Once you have that formula/system, you can simply increase the value of the variables in that formula to generate more revenue.

How do you ensure you find that system though? Well, you need expertise, you need help if you want to do that quickly. That’s where a Business Coach comes in for pennies on the dollar in comparison to the income, success and freedom you generate as a result.

Ensure your success in business by hiring a Business Coach. There is no better, quicker way to do so. As always, if you have further questions or would like to book a Free Coaching Session with me to talk about improving your business, you’re always more than welcome to contact me with the info below.

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