An Unexpected Secret to Wealth

Ever wondered about how some of these Super Wealthy, Mega Business Owners, Executives or Successful people in general are able to achieve the height of accomplishment they do? How they’re able to travel, participate in an ungodly amount of meetings, prepare and perform presentations, attend networking events, answer thousands of emails, make very calculated decisions, have time for growth, develop valuable products and services yet still have time for relationships/family?

Well, it’s something that I always wondered about too until many years ago. After working with many start-ups and billion dollar corporations, I saw how much effort was put into it. However, until I owned my first business 9 years ago, and owning 3 businesses now, including my Personal Coaching Business, Energy Storage and Wireless Electricity Business and Online Coaching Academy "The Elite Minds" (Coming Soon), I never had to actually BE one of these people. So I went out and studied every person I could through books, their blogs, seminars and even talked to them in person.

I could go on for days about what goes into it like time management, staying productive rather than busy, using data vs. opinions to make decisions, proper emotional control, work-life balance and much more. However, there is really one thing that I saw stay consistent between everyone who was successful and that was their Health.

How in The World Does Health Affect Success?

Well, the first most obvious way health affects your success in life is if you’re dead, you don’t have too much time to reach success but that’s the obvious one. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

With stress levels, anxiety, long hours and sometimes the long nights these guys endure, their health can go down the drain quickly. That health is a key foundational element to achieving and maintaining success. So I’m going to tell you what I found to be most consistent between them all.

  1. Wealthy People Place Importance on Exercise - Now hold on! This is something we all know we should do. We know it’s good for us but most of us don’t know just how good it is for us and how the time we exercise can change our daily outcomes.
  1. THE WAKE UP: A recent study showed that approximately 76% of wealthy people make it a point to exercise at least 4 days a week. Most of these successes wake up at 5-6am and make it a point to GET MOVING or SWEAT. They know that it not only gets them activated, instead of drowsy, but it stimulates their metabolism so that they’re operating at higher levels of energy. What better way to get all the work done they have to do than to maintain high levels of energy throughout the day. This way they put in more effort and stay more focused.

SUPER NOTE: One thing I always tell my clients, and it’s 1000% proven and true, is that MOVEMENT IS THE BEST SOURCE OF ENERGY. You have energy stores in your body already, mostly in the form of fat and carbs. By nature, our body is designed to access these energy stores when needed. Now days, most of us sit at a computer all day and barely move, so we don’t access these energy stores as often so we resort to tons of coffee or energy drinks. This often leads to sleepless nights and major energy crashes later on.

  1. CALORIE AFTERBURNER A nice plus is that you can actually burn more calories AFTER your work out than DURING. Yeah, you heard right but I’m not talking about the walking on a treadmill at a slow pace type of work out. I’m talking about a good, hard, sweaty, major-effort work out. Check this article out for more Afterburn Effect.
  2. THE MINDSET KICKSTART – When you start your day off accomplishing a major task like working out, you set the tone for accomplishment. Your brain is wired, as with all species’ brains, with a desire for accomplishment. When you accomplish something you get a sense of pleasure and satisfaction which tells your brain to keep doing this to maintain that high.

We’re wired to always be seeking what gives us a feeling of pleasure. This is created through chemical releases in our brains. So once your mind gets that release of pleasure inducing chemicals, it wants more. So it attaches whatever stimuli (touch, taste, sound, sight, smell, movement) with the pleasure feeling to program you to do it again as much as possible. We can then use this momentum throughout the day with other tasks we want to accomplish.

  1. THE ENDORPHIN RUSH – Now if you’re a very busy, important, wealthy person, you have tons that can bring you down throughout the day. Exercise allows them to get a nice endorphin rush, helping to reduce stress, access more creativity, stay more focused and be in a better state of well-being. Even with everything else going on, they can still maintain that balance.

Now as a Personal Coach, I always tell my clients, who’re after leadership, that one of the signs of a good leader is being able to maintain emotional control. Even when things aren’t going as planned and you have a ton on your plate. This is just one way to simmer down your mood swings, stress or anxiety when you get hit with unexpected challenges.

  1. Wealthy People Eat More Nutritional – Now I’m not saying that all wealthy people are in great shape. I mean you have countless actors, singers, executives and people like Donald Trump for instance who aren’t in the best shape. However, now days most of the wealthy pay attention to diet for many reasons.

When I’m doing Personal Coaching, this is one of the first things I ask my clients about because I know how much diet can affect everything else in life. Health is one of the pillars of success.

  1. WEIGH YOU UP or DOWN? – When you’re moving at a productive pace and you need to get from point A to point B, more weight simply slows you down. The less weight, the faster you move. You may think this doesn’t make a big difference but weight controls the amount of movement you have the motivation to make each day. More movement usually means you’re being more productive.
  1. THE FOG – (THIS IS A BIG ONE) Eating a chemical infused, preservative rich or high glycemic diet literally takes a toll on your mind’s chemicals. This leads to a mental “fog” that blocks creativity, focus, motivation and much more. This is huge so don't skip out on it. More information here to get you started on learning about it.

The reason is that food has a major effect on the replenishment of neurotransmitters. These are chemicals that transmit signals from a neuron to a target cell. When these neurotransmitters like Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins and Oxytocin are depleted we experience depression, anxiety, lack of focus, blocked thought, forgetfulness and much more.

As you know, it’s very hard to achieve wealth and success while you have all of this going on.

  1. GET MORE JACKED!! – As if the energy from exercise wasn’t enough already, we all know that food has a major effect on your energy levels. You eat crap food; you get crap energy levels because your body shuts many things off to fight off the foreign substances we weren’t made to process. Our body treats these as diseases, or an attack, and has to pull resources from their normal function to fight them off. This causes a lack of energy and physical function.

3.) Wealthy People Have More Consistent Sleep Schedules - These people know how important sleep is to everything. We’ve heard how bad it can affect us but we never usually associate it with Success and Wealth.

  1. RED ALERT ENERGY – It’s not just getting enough sleep that gives you energy, it’s getting consistent sleep. Meaning you’re going to bed and waking up at close to the same times every day. Sure there is nothing wrong with sleeping in an hour or 2 if you must but successful people know that consistency is key with everything.

When you go to bed at different times each night or wake up at different times, your body gets confused. It not only can build up a sleep deficit but it gets confused as to when it needs to wake everything up or shut it down. This is why many people go to work drowsy for a few days if they party hard all weekend. The body is catching up on the deficit and also trying to balance out your Circadian Rhythm.

This affects brain function, focus, energy, appetite, your choices and much more. When you can’t focus, you’re tired and you’re half awake, it’s hard to think clearly and make the right decisions. Successful and Wealthy people know they need to stay mentally sharp so they gain every little edge they can to reach their visions of success or wealth.

  1. STRESS + ANXIETY SHIELD – Many studies show that reduced or inconsistent sleep is a major contributing factor to your stress levels and anxiety. The stress hormone “cortisol” is much more prevalent when you’re low on sleep which obviously raises stress levels. Plus, since your body and mind haven’t had a chance to repair/replace all of your body’s necessary chemicals, you walk around confused which contributes to anxiety. The wealthy and successful can’t have any of this going on because there are many things to get done and they need all of the positive moods and clear focus they can get.

All in all, if you’re hungry to be successful, financially free and wealthy then start with a healthy foundation. I challenge you to stay consistent with your health in these 3 areas for 2 weeks, with no slip ups, and watch how good you start to feel.

You will clear the fog, gain motivation, have massive amounts of energy, more focus, more confidence, better moods and ultimately clarity. These factors will ultimately lead you to making better decisions in life which lead to success and wealth.

Of course, you will need education on how to build wealth which is where a Personal Coach comes into play. Make sure you choose the right type of Personal Coach though. There are many out there that specialize in different types of coaching like Relationship Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Business Coaching, Success Coaching etc.

Most of the time a Success Coach, Business Coach or Wealth Coach can help you get there. If you have any questions or need direction, feel free to contact me personally with the information below.

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