Whether It's Reaching Your Goals, Building a Business or Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Success, I've Got You Covered With Some Valuable Resources Below

Free Goal Planning Worksheet!

This Personal Coaching Worksheet is Much More Effective in Helping You Reach Your Goals as it Incorporates Triggers That Stimulate the Human Psyche to Help Keep You Motivated!

Most people simply think of a list of goals and cross them off as they go. While this is helpful in finding direction, it's missing some VERY important components. Life Coaches should always be masters of Human Behavior as their job is to rewire your way of processing and taking action on goals.

The biggest factor that's usually missing in reaching goals is that there is no emotion attached to reaching it. Human beings make decisions based on 2 very simple experiences called "pain" and "pleausure". Pain moves us away from things that cause us physical or emotional harm and pleasure pulls us toward the opposite result. Of course that's the opposite that we want. If there isn't enough pain attached to the circumstances you're in right now and not enough pleasure associated with the vision you would like to achieve, then the vast majority of us will lose motivation and quit.

Also, before we can achieve something, we have to take a step back and look at some of the root obstacles in our path. That could mean your health, your habits, your finances, your mindset and many other things that must be recognized before moving forward on this mission.

The worksheet below covers these factors so that you have everything laid out in front of you in a very simple format. If you have any questions on it, please feel free to email or call with the contact info below.

Heath Messer

Head Coach

Phone: 303-290-7472


Free Video Coaching. "Sustaining Long Lasting Changes".

The Personal Coaching Video Below Covers How to Make Changes in Your Life and Actually KEEP Them Going! I Cover The 3 Essential Factors That We're All Missing When Making Changes That Cause Most of Us to Fail.

All of us, myself included, have put a lot of effort into changing certain pieces of our life but we all struggle with keeping these new changes going. Maybe you want to start eating healthier and going to the gym so you can feel good and have that body you've always wanted. However, the thought of going to the gym discusts you and you don't get much satisfaction from healthy food.

Maybe you're trying to build wealth, become financially free or start a new business to generate extra income but you can't seem to take the necessary actions to get there. Maybe you can't stop spending or maybe you don't have the motivation to learn how to make the right financial decisions or take time to learn how to build a successful business.

There are many other scenarios but we're all missing the same things. The mindset most have is off so we need to gain a different perspective and associate these visions with something bigger. In the Free Personal Coaching Video below, I cover the 3 most common missing pieces to making your life changes stick so that you can reach the outcomes you're looking for in life.

Once again, if there are any questions after you've completed the video, please feel free to reach out to me with the contact information listed below.

Heath Messer

Head Coach

Phone: 303-290-7472


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